Dr. Noll GmbH celebrates anniversary

25 years of precision measuring technology for the tire industry

Dr. Noll GmbH (Bad Kreuznach, Germany), part of the Erhardt+Leimer corporate group, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. On this occasion, Matthias Ess, Vice President of the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce, presented Christian Lantzsch, head of the Dr. Noll subsidiary, with a Chamber of Industry and Commerce commemorative certificate.
In the 25 years since it was founded by Dr. Albrecht Noll, the organization has developed into a world-leading provider of optical measuring systems. Its main customers are large tire manufacturers;
Dr. Noll also supplies its products to customers in the film/foil industry.
The portfolio includes systems for thickness, profile, length and weight measurement as well as for color monitoring; these systems are used for quality assurance, e.g. in extrusion and calender lines or in test laboratories. Special point and line laser sensors based on the triangulation principle, eddy current sensors and CCD cameras form the technical basis for the measuring systems. The analysis software is tailored to the related customer and the application. In this way, for example, the profile or the thickness of semi-finished rubber products can be checked with an accuracy of down to one thousandth of a millimeter.
Since the company was taken over by the Erhardt+Leimer group in 2015, Dr. Noll has profited from the worldwide sales network of the parent company that, for its part, covers the area of automation technology, e.g. web guiding. According to the head of Dr. Noll, Christian Lantzsch, this advantage has already had a very significant effect, especially in North America. "We have been able to increase our market share enormously", states Lantzsch. "In the meantime, more than 750 of our optical measuring systems are installed worldwide in 37 countries", Lantzsch continues. "For the future, the challenge is now to increase further our presence in the tire market in the Fast East."


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